CONTROL FACTOR BELÉM is a cut-and-sew company that started operating in the last decade, but although it is quite young, it has already gained a relevant role in the portuguese market.

Located in the district of Aveiro, municipality of Arouca, we employ dozens of workers and we have established collaborations with many big brands of national and international shoe companies. Using the latest technologies, it produces high quality goods, and in the last years it has grown quite a lot, being a source of local development and establishing itself as an example to be followed.

The faith that our clients and collaborators trust upon us is seen as a daily commitment towards innovation and difference in distinct areas, always refining the rigour and quality of our work and products.



CONTROL FACTOR BELÉM main mission is to keep on developing a quality work within the industry in which it operates. While doing our cut-and-sew work in the shoe industry, we try to be as competitive as we can be, while presenting the best possible solutions to the challenges that we face.


In order to fulfill our mission, CONTROL FACTOR BELÉM is based in values that help us build a safe way to excellence. Always working with innovation and difference as our core values, we aim to achieve quality and rigour, always with the ambition of being the best among the greatest.

CONTROL FACTOR BELÉM’s factory is located in the Industrial Cluster of S. Domingos, in Arouca and we employ dozens of workers that allow us to function properly.

Along the assembly line, the different materials are cut and sewed, and with the help of all the necessary technologies, we obtain high quality products.

As a result of this decision of maintaining high levels of quality in our production process in the assembly line, CONTROL FACTOR BELÉM is, today, one of the most recognized companies in the market.