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This type of footwear became fashionable for the first time in the 80’s, when they went from the feet of French dock workers to the fashion runways.
Recently, this tendency reemerged. This type of footwear is ideal for the warmer seasons. Usually, its soles are made of rope, although in some situations rubber or a combination of both may be used instead. They can be stitched by a machine or by hand.
The upper part of the shoe can be made of distinct materials: canvas, leather or any other synthetic material. Decorative elements may be added , such as fringes, glitter and others.
Espadrilles are originally very skintight, covering the instep. Recently, more modern designs are also an option, and the espadrilles can be more plunging or even sandals or slippers.
They are unisex footwear, something that makes the design possibilities even wider.
Unicorn Riders was born out of the desire to make espadrilles with Made in Portugal quality.